About Me


I am fascinated with trees. Many of my tree designs derive from my observation of trees in the countryside, while others are born of my imagination. Furthermore, I admire Bonsai trees and this style can be seen in most of my sculptures. I like to show the tree limbs, leaf clusters, exposed roots, and a bit of exaggeration here and there.

The bulk of my work is in a free-standing sculpture form, much of which is two dimensional. I also enjoy making one dimensional trees in a frame.

Most of my trees are limited to 8 – 14 inches in height, , (20 – 36cm).

How they are made

Most of my trees are made with industrial magnet wire. This is an enameled copper wire that
prevents rust. I do also use enameled craft copper wire for more colorful pieces. Additionally, I
use Stainless Steel and aluminum wire.

Leaves are made solely of wire, in various configurations, but mostly in a loop style grouped in
Trees are mounted in unique ceramic or glass bowls that I buy at art and craft shows, or on
rocks and wood, this last being the most popular. I use exclusively Ash Juniper as it has a resin
filled center and helps adhere the wire when inserted into it. Furthermore, I only use wood
that has been rotting for a few years, yet still full of resin. I cut it into shapes and painstakingly
scrape off all the external decay and I am left with interesting contours, that I then stain and
seal. This can take almost as much time as making the tree.

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